Monday, 20 October 2008

Winnipeg gets ready for the first concert of JB Mpiana

50 Canadian dollars, it is the sum which it will be necessary to spend to attend the concert of JB Mpiana and Wenge Musica BCBG in the room Aborigène (2.000 places) of Winnipeg for Canada.
A first in the capital of Louis Riel prepared thoroughly by organizers among whom the Congolese Rosalie Topangu of the African shop Afritoba.
Rosalie Topangu, owner of Afritoba, connected well in the cultural world and of the mode, consciously took a risk trusting her intuition as for the success of this production. For this promotrice, the town of Winnipeg is known enough for its festival of summer “the Folklorama”, largest in North America, which would create a context favorable to this concert. Also, according to a fast survey in the district Saint-Boniface (the Latin Quarter), it appears that music lovers are interested by the African music but deplore the multiplication of the cries of animation of the atalaku, the enumeration of the names with repetitions… They then promise to answer present this October 18 to enjoy the good music and the choreography of the dancers and dancers of the orchestra. One feels indeed a mini-passion which overflows the circle of the French-speaking music lovers, bus of the Sudaneses, the Natives of Niger, the Ghanaians… dance with wonder the dance “Lopele” of the orchestra Wenge Musica BCBG.
Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba being at 45 minutes of road of the State of Minnesota in the United States, the organizers received requests for reservation of the compatriots of this State.
JB Mpiana with the dimension
When you ask the African immigrants spontaneously to quote the names of the African musicians whom they know, the students Malians, Senegalese, Rwandan, Congolese, Burundian, Cameronian, of the Ivory Coast, Chadian, bast and other Sudaneses enumerate: Youssou Ndour, Awilo Longomba, JB Mpiana, Nyoka Longo, Kofi Olomide and Papa Wemba. This index of notoriety does not seem of course, for certain quoted singers, with their performances of moment.

To note, in addition, that it is a fashion show will of course mark the beginning of the evening with African behaviours (men and women) signed Boutique Afritoba. And to give an image righter of the African continent, exposure-photo will be also presented. Side promotion, it will be necessary to underline the remarkable work shot down by the business manager, Willy Mbunga Kadima “Sovereign” for the close friends, for this first. For the concert of JB Mpiana, it in particular knew to sensitize the music lovers through his Tam-tam emission of Africa which it animates on radio operator Take-off 91 FM.

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