Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Tshala Muana for the emergence of the female talents

The singer Tshala Muana has just chosen to support the emergence of the female talents; after having successfully completed 30 years of musical career. For this, She did not wait a long time.

“Mamu National” decided to propel the young singer “Meje 30” who has just realized under the framing of the “Queen of Mutuashi”, a single tittled “Delestage”. The work which was not launched yet on the market is extremely appreciated by the music lovers. For Tshala Muana, the clip of “Delestage” of “Meje 30” was a first attempt. “Today “Meje 30” is well accepted. It has surprised us and has surprised also everyone. The chance smiled to her”, released Tshala Muana at the time of the official presentation of the young singer. This presentation was done during the TV Show Karibu Variétés of the RTNC, last Sunday. In addition, the “Mamu National” acknowledges that the young lady hardly 22 years is free. Only, that, “Meje 30” came to her to be helped. This is why Tshala Muana has judged useful to support the young singer, because the latter wants to do a solo career. “She is a good singer with a bright future, she has all the assets, She sings and dances well. My thanks to Claude Mashala who accepted to produce her”, underlines Tshala Muana.

She did not hesitate to give the significance of the number 30 which is the nickname of the young singer Meje. For Tshala Muana, as she made 30 years of successful musical career, she blesses also her young sister whom she wants to do the same or exceed.

Having belonged to the Wassa group with Cindi “Le coeur”, “Meje 30” dreams to be a big singer. For those who appreciate the album without name of Kofi, must know that “Meje 30” also took part in this album. From now on, she chose to work with the Queen of Mutuashi. “Tshala Muana has many experiences” justifies the young singer. “Meje 30” acknowledges that she did not think one day she will meet with the owner of the group Dynastie Mutuashi. “I did not think aone day I will meet her. It is God who wanted this, exclaims the young singer. From now on, the DRC will be able to count on this female talent who is impressing the music lovers with her good music and her talents. Tshala Muana was not wrong to agree to work with “Meje 30”.

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