Monday, 20 October 2008

Felix Wazekwa prepares a 3 titles Maxi single for the end of the year

At once returned from Europe, Felix Wazekwa immediately went back to work with his Cultur' A Pays Vie Band for the preparation of a maxi-single of three titles “La chevre de Mr Séguin” translated as "The Goat of Mr Seguin"whose recording begun last Monday October 13 at studio ICA.
In addition to the tittle éponyme, the single also comprises the songs “Alex Mfumu Nsi, National anthem” and “Mupasa Baby”. A manner for this singer to reinforcing his influence on the Congolese music scene while leaving an intended product to animate the festivals of end of the year.
Felix Wazekwa is optimistic based on the success of his last album “Que demande le peuple”: “The animations contained in this piece carry an educational message impresses patriotism, at the same time as it makes you dance”. “The Goat's milk cheese of Mr. Séguin” is very rich in “verbs” (parabolas imagined and popularized by Wazekwa through his songs) and should also mark the spirits. “I took as a starting point this tale of Alphonse Daudet in whom Blanquette, the small goat of Mr. Seguin, attracted by grass of the mountain which seems to him more appétissante that of enclosed sound, escapes from this one to finish in the mouth of the wolf”.

In addition, Wazekwa and his musicians are always awaited in Paris for a concert in Zenith. No date however was to date advanced because of the lack of passport for certain musicians, mainly of new recruits

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