Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Fally Ipupa continues the recording of his new album in Paris

Fally Ipupa is determined to repeat the exploits and success of his previous album “Droit Chemain”, the first floret artistic of his solo musical career. Thus he is busy, steadily, preparing a disc of high quality both in the field of the set of themes and on the artistic field. News from Paris suggest that work on this new album are extremely advanced.

Announced for next November, the release of the album “Arsenal of beautiful melodies” is pushed back to 2009. Because Fally lpupa has to utilise other session musicians based in Paris to replace his musicians who could not get a visa to join him for recordings in Paris.

Nevertheless the artist being gifted, is doubling efforts for a total success.

Already, He is shooting videos which will help promote "Arsenal de belles melody".

All this, thanks to the magic hands of the producer David Monsoh, the one who assumed the integral production of “Droit Chemain” and which propelled Fally to the front of the international scene. It is necessary to believe in this complicity between Fally lpupa and this producer - what will be confined a work of high invoice, following the example of their first artistic realisation. However, of what one knows, “Di Caprio” iadded ten rumba songs among which “Cadenat”. One will remember that this tube will have allured the tender hearts in Kinshasa, just like in Paris and other cities of the world. According to a close relation of the artist, the opus in gestation will come, as of its setting on sale, conquer all works on the market. This, because of the set of themes which constitutes the monotonous chants that composed Fally Ipupa. In spite of this savage conviction which animates the entourage of the young Congolese star, the music lovers wait to enjoy this second album of Fally Ipupa, which will determine the continuation of his musical career.

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